Uli´s Racing Legends Uli Ehret
Uli Ehret  

Uli Ehret was born 1965. He lives and works since in Weinheim, near Heidelberg in Southern Germany. The love to speed was in his rootes, his father was a bicycle sportsman and raced with Rudi Alltig and Co and also visited car races often with Uli. Hockenheim was near and easy to visit. Uli´s second hobby was painting - mostly in water colour. From 1986 to 1990 he studied graphic-design in Mannheim and leads his own advertising agency since 1985 until today. But with the combination of his two hobbies: racing and water colour art, he began a second life in 2005: his first exhibition at the Le Mans 24 hours, very much influenced by his best friend Jörg Stehr. Today, nearly ten years later, Uli Ehret exhibits with big pleasure at the major European GT racing and historic F1 events like Goodwood or Le Mans and Silverstone Classic. Companies like AMG, Porsche, Shell, Aston Martin, Rolex, Gulf, Continental and Volkswagen buy and bought his art. But most of all Uli loves meeting people. You will see.