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Besondere Menschen und Ihr Einfluss auf die Geschichte des Automobils.


Aquarelle von Uli Ehret, Erläutert durch Zitate automobiler Zeitgenossen.


Ausstellung im Audi Forum Neckarsulm vom 15. Juli bis 31. August 2017.


Es erwartet Sie am 15. Juli ein exquisiter Tag in einem der herausragendsten Gebäude Baden-Württembergs. Mit 20 großen Exponaten stellt Uli Ehret Zeitgeschichte deutscher Automobilisten dar.

Interessante Zitate mit ausführlichen Erläuterungen vermitteln den tieferen Sinn der Aquarelle. Für das leibliche Wohl ist am 15. Juli zur Ausstellungseröffnung gesorgt.
Ein Burger-Truck und andere tolle kulinarische Highlights runden den Tag ab.


Die Heidelberg Historic macht an diesem Tag Halt im Audi Forum Neckarsulm. Es erwarten sie mehr als 200 Oldtimer und Sportwagen, ja sogar mancher Renn- und Rallyewagen.


Uli Ehret malt an diesem Tag live eine NSU Fox. Den Inbegriff der Mobilität der 50er Jahre. Aber nicht irgendeine NSU Fox, sondern die von Herbert Linge selbst restaurierte.
Die Porsche Ikone wird mit etwas Glück den Tag mit seinem Besuch ebenfalls bereichern. Linge war Testfahrer in den wilden 60er Jahren bei Porsche. Ein Urgestein des Rennsports.


Herzlich willkommen zu einem schönen Tag in Neckarsulm.

Ulis_Racing_Legends_Book Volume V

Book Volume V - Le Mans Passion































The highlight of the racing year: the 24 Hours of Le Mans!

Please visit our stand in the heart of the track in the village central. We are open tuesday to sunday and show 15 new original paintings! Also there is a new book about Uli´s Le Mans paintings, illustrated with words of 48 Le Mans pilots and team managers, mechanics and heroes, texts by Stephen Bradford Best.

You also can find all new Le Mans paintings in this PDF- Flyer.












Le Mans 2017 is coming!

Porsche 919 at Mulsanne... c u in 44 days !








#661 complete



#661 Part I



#661 Part II



#661 Part III







New Paintings !

Dear friends and collectors. After a few months of intensive work on my painters desk you will find a number of new paintings here.


I am looking forward to seeing you in 2017 at Hockenheim Historic in April, the 24 Hours of Le Mans in June and the Goodwood Revival in September!

Welcome 2017


Christmas Creatings 2016


Thank you very much for your incredible support again this race season! It was a pleasure to meet you at Paris, Le Mans, Goodwood and Hockenheim ... and ...!


The little team of Ulis Racing Legends wishes you all the best for the season 2017!

Have a great holiday time!

Ulis_Racing_Legends_Ausstellung Sinsheim 2016


Ausstellung Sinsheim 2


Ausstellung Sinsheim 4


Ausstellung Sinsheim 5


Ausstellugn Sinsheim 7

Audi Night at the Museum Sinsheim

With Dr. Ulrich Baretzky as the guest of the evening, the ´Audi at Le Mans night´ in the Auto & Technik Museum Sinsheim was spot on. 150 guests from the motorsport industry, friends of the museum and of the moderator of the evening and motorsport artist Uli Ehret enjoyed three hours with champagne and excellent food and background stories to the 14 victories in 17 years of Audis and Bentleys presence at Le Mans. The main part of the evening was the chat of Ulrich Baretzky and Uli Ehret. With fascinating stories told live by the head of engine development of Audi for the last 20 years. Baretzky entertained the guests with his experience and humour, but most of all with his background race stories about Audis 17 Le Mans participations. Uli Ehret showed the four engine paintings with Audis R8, R10, R15 and R18 engines which he painted for Baretzkys team, but also seven extralarge posters which show Audis race cars at speed and in the action of pit stops and the night at the Sarthe. A special painting was offered to the guests - a limited edition of 24 reproductions of Audis top cars and winners at Le Mans. A few of the 30 x 40 cm large framed reproductions are still available.

The exhibition is open daily now until Summer 2017. For more informations please look at www.technik-museum.de.


Die Ausstellung im Auto & Technik Museum Sinsheim wird bis August 2017 für die Öffentlichkeit täglich zugänglich sein. Weitere Informationen finden Sie unter www.technik-museum.de

Uli´s Racing Legends #612


#629 "Goodwood" Spitfire and Aston Martin DBR1

This latest painting was the main spot at my Goodwood Revival stand this September. It sums up the emotions of this wonderful end of summer event near Chichester. Of course the Spitfire is a great icon, but also the DBR1 which won the Le Mans 24 Hours for Aston Martin in 1959 shows the british style, which is celebrated in glamour and style at the race track in West Sussex.

The painting is available in 15 x 35 cm framed (order code XS) for 59 Euros, and in 20 x 50 cm framed (order code XSplus) or in the exactly same look like the original in 40 x 70 cm in a black wooden frame, behind glass for 329 Euros incl. shipping and acid free mount.

Prints on canvas are available now too. 30 x 100 cm (229 Euros), 40 x 120 cm, (319 Euros), 50 x 160 cm (449 Euros) or in the largest size of 60 x 200 cm (669 Euros). All prices include shipping to the EU or UK.

Uli´s Racing Legends #612


See you at the Ring !

The WEC series is racing at the famous Nürburgring this weekend. Another great race ahead in LMP1 and GTE.

Can Toyota show its Le Mans domination also at the twisty Nürburgring-Grand-Prix track? Will Porsche surprise at the Ring, with the new aerodynamics? Will Audi finally strike back? Does Ford dominate again against Ferrari, Aston and Porsche? Will Alpine take another step to the LMP2 title or is there a chance for G-Drive or Gibson to strike back?

I do not attend the race with a stand this time, but I will be there to visit some friends and new customers on the saturday.
I look forward to seeing you there perhaps on the day of the qualifications!


Have a great summer, wherever you race !



Le Mans 2016

Dear friends, chers amis, liebe Freunde!

Thank you very much for another wonderful 24 Hours event with your wonderful visits, your humour, your laughter, your help and support, your friendship and great words.

Special thanks to Dorrit Klippert, Daniel Stahl and Katharina Faur, Daniel Acar, Martin and Bernadette Carnell, Hervé David et Stephanie Dumont-Balzeau, Geoff and Jane Doughty, Martin Guivarc´h, Audrey, Arthur, and Witney and Francois Belle, Annelise Aubert et Jean Christophe. Quelle équipe sensationelle, what a sensational team, welch ein wundervolles Team. Danke Euch allen! Auch an die Heimatfront an Vanessa Rück, Anna Neugebauer und Berit Friede vielen Dank für eure Hilfe!


The result, with Toyota struggeling in the last five minutes was a desaster for every Le Mans pilgrim with heart and a soul. Everybody will definitely accept the 18th Porsche victory as totally earned, but for the myth of Le Mans, the Toyota win would have been magic too. Their car has proofed being the fastest - but somebody in heaven had another idea again with the japanese race team. What a tragic idea.

And than there is Ford - winning outright at the first attempt. How cool is that. Aginst Le mans expert teams like AC Corse and Aston Martin Racing, Porsche works team and Corvette big guns works cars. A real homerun for the Ford team. Chapeau.


Uli´s Racing Legends team result was overwhelming again. So much, that it is hard to deliver all orders in the time predicted at our stand. I hope you take the apologies from me, but we are here just a three people team - but of course we though love to deliver quality and all in the best condition - with the individual treat you all like so much, like special signatures, sketches and words in the book.

Thank you once again!


May be see you at Le Mans Classic in the next week !

news URL #610


Le Mans - we are coming!

The 2016 edition of the greatest race on earth predicts again to be an epic battle.

With Audi 1,2 sec. ahead of the Porsches in pre Qualifications and again only 1,9 sec. to Davidsons Toyota it looks like it never has been so tight for a long time for three manufacturers and teams.

All six cars achieved times between 3.21 and 3.23 min. A hell of a race ahead I believe. In LMP2 there are a few teams having achieved 3.36, 3.37 and 3.38 min at the Sarthe. With the Alpine as the local hero of course. Another hell of a race i LMP2.

And of course in GTE all works teams achieved a 3.55 or 3.56 min lap time. With Magnussens Corvette #63 a blink of an eye ahead of Pilets Porsche #91, but with Aston, Ford and Ferrari in the same second or just a second back.
What a great week ahead.


I am looking forward to seeing you at our stand! With 12 new paintings - all intensively prepared with my love to this place and to the race guys and girls which are visiting us and those taking the N138 with 330 km/h.

And do not forget to pick up your reserved books from my stand. The book #4 - the collectors edition just has appeared. ready to ship or hand over at Le Mans 24H and Le Mans Classic.


See you at Le Mans !!!



#606 12 Heures Reims

Dear Friends and Collectors!
The year 2016 turns as fast as a 24 hours race. The highlights of the year now fast approach in the summer sky: Le Mans 24h and Le Mans Classic. For those who competed at Le Mans in the 60s, but e.g. had an early problem in the 24 hours race, only a few days later they could proof their luck again.

At the 12 Hours of Reims, which started at midnight (!), another great assembly of GT cars and sports cars raced into the night in the Champagne area. Until today some remains of the buildings displayed in my painting memorize these great race events.


In my next book, appearing in June 2016, you can see the painting on the title. To me this scene tells all about the endurance races. Read more about the pilots, atmosphere and fascinating details of the Reims 12 h in my next book.


Steve Bradford Best has researched details of this race in 1964 - with facts which make clear - these were different times - but great times.


The original is on display at my Le Mans Classic stand in July. I look forward to seeing you there. If you are interested to see it at the 24 Hours in June already, please let me know. Reproductions are available from May 2016.



#605 Vacarella

Nino Vacarella is an italian myth. Born on the island of sicily - in both meanings. The Targa Florio in the heart of the Madonie area saw Nino Vacarellas´ star rise into national and international skyes on that very day. Vacarella himself, a professor from Palermo, loved the Targa and its murderous character of racing 11 laps on a 72km track through the mountains and town centers of rural and wonderful Sicily. So his name means pure emotion, when spoken out to any south italian tifosi.


Here he is displayed during his greatest drive, winning the Targa in 1971 with Toine Hezemans for the Alfa works team, ahead of the sister car of van Lennep and de Adamich against the mighty opposition from Porsche 908s of Siffert/Redman and Rodriguez/Müller - which had early accidents. Jo Bonnier and Richard Attwood came in third on their Lola T212. Great races - great times. I wondered who owned this corner house in period and had this balcony VIP lounge inside Collesano.



#603 Moment of Truth

Le Mans 24 Hours 1966 - the start to the endless race. The moment to raise everyones heart beat to the peak. John Whitmore jumps into his bright yellow Ford GT 40, which he drove with co-pilot Frank Gardner for the Alan Mann Racing Team. The two GT 40 on their side will later win this edition of the Grand Prix d´Endurance. Henry Fords attack to the italian royalty called Ferrari had finally succeeded. Jean Guichet and Lorenzo Bandini in the Ferrari could not win against the american armada this summer, after their hegemony of 13 wins until this moment of truth.







Porsche 964

The Porsche 964 line was designed by Benjamin Dimson in 1986. The 964 was sold between 1989 and 1994 and offered a lot of new technology like the Tiptronic automatic transmission and all wheel drive on request.

The paintings show the 964 Carrera Convertible (#598), the Carrera 2 Convertible in the Turbo look without spoiler (#599), and the Coupe side by side with the famous RSR in the Martini look (#602). 51 RSR Porsches were built. The RSR won the Le Mans GT2 category in 1992 and 1993.



#599 Porsche 964 Turbo Cabriolet

HAPPY EASTER ! In the coming two weeks Uli will offer a selection of three paintings with a selection of the Porsche 964 models. This Porsche 964 Turbo Cabriolet is the first to be released.


After Easter you will see a coupé version with a Porsche 964 race car in the Martini look and finally as a third painting you will see the 964 in the Carrera 2 Cabriolet version. Good news for all the Porsche fans, asking me for the last years if I would release painitngs of their beloved 964.


Easter is a colourful event, so please ask for your special colour design if you like a reproduction or an original painting of this convertible turbo version or of the coupe version. We can be of help with especially coloured reproductions starting at the 5th of April 2016. If your car is a red 964 turbo convertible - we already have reproductions available.



Retour de la Retromobile Paris ! !


Six jours avec des rencontres d´amitié et d´enthusiasme, la Retromobile 2016 etait encore une grande fête sur notre stande dans la premier semaine du Février.


L´original de la Coccinelle Cabriolet est vendu, aussi l´original "24 Heures du Mans 1966" avec le Ford GT40 noir, le Porsche blanc #31 et la Ferrari 330 P3/4. Mon ami Paul Adams de Colorado etait surprisé par sa Elva MKII voiture du course, qu´il a rencontré sur notre stande dans le format de 25 x 64 cm. Et aussi l´aquarelle de la garage Shell avec le camion Mercedes L 6600 et l´Alfa Junior 1300 est vendu à Reims.


Dorrit et Uli, accompagné par Stéphanie et Hervé pendant le weekend, ont passé beaucoup des moments jolies à la Seine pendant cette édition de la Retromobile. Merci a Vincent, Thibault et Valentine pour l´aide le dimanche soirée !

Uli´s Racing Legends #439


Bienvenue à la Retromobile Paris 2016 !


Among 40 motorsport artists, you find Uli´s big stand in the Gallery of "Art Avenue" in hall 1, area U.
Together with two new originals and some so far unpublished reproductions, Dorrit and Uli will be happy to offer you a very wide range of the smaller and medium sized framed prints this year.
See you at Paris!





From Kate and Uli all the best wishes for the next decades in motor racing and especially at Le Mans! Please enjoy now also your painting of your SRT Viper! See you at Le Mans 24H 2016!


Dear Readers!

This is an example for a 35 x 50 cm original water colour painting, which I have just finished the last two weeks.

If you are also interested into an art work of your car, please just contact us at info@ehretdesign.de with your ideas.


Wishing you all a great start into 2016!



Happy New Racing Year 2016 !


Dear friends and collectors ! I hope you had a great start into the year 2016 so far. With the Paris retromobile exhibition ahead, the season already starts with a kick down. In the moment I am preparing a number of larger canvas reproductions for Paris, which were not shown on exhibitions the last years at all. One of them is among my favourite paintings, it shows the Jaguar XKSS at the Cuba Grand Prix in 1956 racing along the Havanna ocean shore boulevard, followed by a beautiful Ferrari Monza 850. This and some other more or less unknown art works will be displayed at Paris Retromobile in the first week of February.


I look forward to seeing you at Paris !



Die Weihnachtszeit ist da!


Die Galerie ist noch bis Mittwoch, 23. 12. an Werktagen von 8 bis 17 Uhr geöffnet.
Am Samstag, 19. 12. sind wir von 10 bis 13 Uhr auf tel. Anfrage gerne für Sie da!


Christmas Time is Coming!

If you like to order your Christmas presents from our shop
we can still deliver framed 25 x 30 cm and 40 x 50 cm prints with DHL express before Christmas.



Back from Birmingham Classic Car show


Thanks a lot to Mike Jiggle and Martin Carnell!

Now, back from the Birmingham classic show after three exciting days at the NEC, there are new memories to keep as a treasure in my mind. Richard Attwood signed a canvas print of my painting of the iconic red Salzburg-Porsche 917 and ex F1 driver John Watson "his" GTP BMW-painting (see left). With Dario Franchitti as a surprise guest the weekend was full of outrageous moments. The Eagle-Toyota painting will be shown here soon too - which I painted live on saturday at the show.



Uli paints live at Birmingham Classic Car show


Dear Friends and collectors!

This friday and weekend Uli paints live at the stand of Vintage Race Car Magazine in Hall 1 at the Birmingham NEC during the Classic Car Show weekend from friday to sunday (13 to 15 November).


You will discover the 14 x 7 meter stand very easily. With the iconic red Salzburg-Porsche 917 of Attwood/Herrmann, the legendary 1970 Le Mans 24 Hours winning car and two more fascinating GTP BMW and Eagle-Toyota race cars displayed on the stand - it will be easy to find Uli.


The black and white sketch you see here will be filled with colour during the first two days- so the BMW GTP cars will come to life. Other cars of the 1986 GTP race season will be displayed flying down the Laguna Seca cork screw - Jaguars, Porsches, Spices, and so on. Not displayed here as a sketch, but also ready to be filled with water colour at Birmingham is another sketch for the Eagle-Toyota HF98, raced by Juan Manuel Fangio II to four victories in the GTP / IMSA race series. The painting will show the Jaguar XJR12 designed by Ross Brawn following Dan Gurneys Eagle-Toyota at the Daytona 24 Hours event at night. Watch this painting grow from saturday to sunday there. Highlights over the three days at Birmingham will be the visits of John Watson, who raced the BMW GTP in period. Richard Attwood will be on the stand on saturday. On sunday Ross Brawn will visit Vintage Race car UK editor Mike Jiggle, Martin Carnell and Uli Ehret at their stand. Great days ahead! See you in Hall 1!



Uli´s Racing Legends #580 Part 1


Uli´s Racing Legends #580 Part 2


Uli´s Racing Legends #580 Part 3


#580 "Ickx - Siffert - Stewart"


The Formula one season 1971 will be displayed with six of the greatest cars of this F1 season in a long landscape format.

The painting is not ready yet, but already Ickx´Ferrari 312, Sifferts Yardley BRM and Stewarts Tyrrell are ready.
The cars will be ligned up at high speed just passing a corner, with only little distance to each other - to show the maximum of emotions during a start of a Grand Prix.
Once it is ready, the painting will show other highlight cars of the 1971 year. Definitely a March (Ronnie Peterson), the McLaren and a Lotus 72.


I am looking forward to finish this scene ... and I am keen to see the first enlarged canvas print of it in a size like 40 x 240 cm or similar.

The painting should be finished just before Christmas - as I am now busy painting for the Birmingham NEC show, Audi and AMG.


#568 Le Mans 24H Aston Martin Festival Winner 201


Aston Martin racer Paul Whyte is a collector of my art work - and I am pleased to present his latest race victory, which I was commissioned to paint in water colour. It shows the Strata 21 Aston Martin V8, with the famous Bilstein livery leading the AM-pack through the Ford chicane onto the pit lane straight at Le Mans. Now - that autumn gets cold and wet, it is charming to remember the sunny and warm days of Le Mans in June. At least we have the DVDs and magazines, books and paintings of the summer races to take us over the long winter. Thanks to Paul for the commission once again! Reproductions are available now from my gallery and website.


Museum volante preview


The black forest is well known for its immacular nature. Now between the mountains and the rhine valley, in Kirchzarten, the worlds first museum with a special collection of Vanvooren cars has opened its doors. Martin Waltz has collected a large number of Vanvooren coached cars over the last years and has now found a place to show the Rolls Royce, Delahaye, Bentley and Packards designed by Vanvooren to the public. With another collection of 1960s Bertone and Pininfarina designed italian thoroughbreds as the second main part of the exhibition, the museum shows a second highlight. Former sculpturist Martin Waltz has an eye for art and sculptures. The great "Mangusta" restaurant, which gave the preview opening ceremony the right touch with a mix of kitchen art, local charme and great quality in detail - offered an overwhelming dinner to the guests. Congratulations to Inge and Martin Waltz and the Mangusta team in the volante museum Kirchzarten!


>> see more pictures

Ulis_Racing_Legends_Goodwood Revival 2015  

Back from Goodwood Revival!


Three dry and mostly sunny days at Goodwood pleased all visitors - exhibitors and racers very much. My stand never seemed to have been empty whilst those magic three days, thanks to all friends and collectors. "VIP-Highlights" at my stand were the visits of Indycar winner Scott Dixon (see photo), Jo Ramirez and Gordon Murray at my stand. Looks like I will surely be back in 2016 at Chichester. Still a great event - unbeaten atmosphere of historic racing, when the packed grandstands applaud the racers. See you in 2016 !

Uli´s Racing Legends #439


See you at the Goodwood Revival !


You will find me and my stand number A36, near the Tesco Market and the Aston Martin Workshop stand - just like the last years. I am displaying the latest originals and reproductions. Please visit us during your days at this Glorious Event!
See you at the Revival !


#569 "Lewis Hamilton - Mercedes F1 GP"


Formula One icons like Jim Clark and Niki Lauda won the driver world championship three times. Lewis Hamilton is on a good way to take this step this year. Although Rosberg and Vettel fans will not like it, the dominance of Hamilton is striking this race season. The water colour art work shows the Mercedes F1 of this season - a car set up and wing configuration of the first races this year.


It is 50 x 64 cm as the original water colour and is available now. A limited and signed edition of 44 reproductions only are available now from the website - order your reproduction today please.


#574 "All American Legend"


Dan Gurney is of course the American Racing Legend. Jim Clark said in period - the only pilot he fears is Dan Gurney. What a mighty word. The American racer is furtherto the one of only a few to race their own Formula One monoposto to victory at an official Grand Prix of the F1 world championship: at Spa in 1967. But not enough: his victory at Le Mans with A.J.Foyt in the yellow Ford GT40 MK.IV makes him one of the only few to win both - a Grand Prix and the Le Mans 24H. He invented the Gurney bubble and the champagne "shower" ceremony into motorsport. But what is most impressive to me is his enduring commitment to racing and his still unbeaten aim to create and build the best actual race car. His All American Racers Team and his Company fulfil dreams until today. The last project I got in touch with at Le Mans, was the Deltawing project, which he supported. But there will be lots of other racers he has helped with engineering and his big name recently. Who can be named an All American Legend - if not him.


The original is available - and displayed at Goodwood Revival at stand A36 (neighbour of Aston Martin workshop stand)


#573 "Lancia at Le Mans"


I have to admit that I just love the look and the colour scheme of this D20 Lancia. After I had read it was designed by Pinin Farina I did not wonder any longer about this beautiful Lancia race car. It is displayed here twice at the Esses in 1953, during the Le Mans 24 Hours race. The car did not enter the winner or rostrum list at Le Mans unfortunately. We see car #63 driven by Clemente Biondetti and José Froilán González. The car chased the leaders for 213 laps before it retired. Louis Chiron and Robert Manzon drive #31 with the yellow stripe for 174 laps before they retired. Lancia was in those years between 1953 and 1955 a top competitor on the highest motorsport levels. Fangio drove the Formula One D50 than under Ferrari flag to the Formula One world championship title in 1956. In sports car racing the Aurelia B20, the D20 and the D23/24 all turned up as great competitors in numerous events, be it at the Targa Florio or at the Le Mans 24 Hours. At Le Mans the competitors´ engines, compared to the D20 Compressor 2.7l engine of Lancia had more horse power, important for the long straights. The Ferraris, Alfas, Cunninghams and Jaguars appeared with more powerful engines and other technical and aerodynamic advantages to the D20. Nevertheless it was a great race car, winning the Targa Florio in 1953.


This original is available. It will be on display at my Goodwood Revival stand in mid of September.
Reproductions available now too.


#572 "512 S, Le Mans 1970"


The 512 S was the ultimate weapon of Ferrari against the Porsche 917 in the Endurance World Championship. The duel at the Sarthe for the 24 Hours race was one of the toughest battles ever fought at Le Mans. You could count nothing less than 12 Ferrari 512 S for the 1970 Grand Prix d´Endurance at Le Mans. Against six Porsche 917 and a single 908/2L, two 910s and a 907. The displayed Ferrari 512 S with #7 was driven by Derek Bell and Ronnie Peterson. The other works Ferraris named Arturo Merzario and Clay Regazzoni on car #8, and Nino Vaccarella and Ignazio Giunti on car #6. The works 512 #5 with Jacky Ickx and Peter Schetty raced 142 laps before it retired. The North American Racing Team with the drivers Ronnie Bucknum and Sam Posey got fourth in the end, 22 laps behind the winning two 917s and the 908. The Belgium 512 S team with Hughes de Fierlandt and the British Alistair Walker at the wheel came in fifth overall - after a very wet race. Other well known pilots on a Ferrari were of course Joakim Bonnier and Reine Wisell on the Scuderia Filipinetti 512 #14, and Mike Parkes and Herbert Müller on the partner car #15. With the Alfa Romeo T33/3s (Courage, de Adamich, Galli, Stommelen, Zeccoli, Facetti), a Lola T70, three Chevron B16 and the three Matra MS650 (Beltouise, Cevert, Depailler, Jabouille, Brabham, Pescarolo) this was an epic year at Le Mans.


This original is available. It will be on display at my Goodwood Revival stand in mid of September. Reproductions available now too.


#566 "Team Porsche Victory 17"


This painting was a commission from a south african collector of my artwork. Thank you very much for this great request! Porsche won the 17th Le Mans overall title of the Grand Prix d´Endurance. This water colour art work shows the magic moment when 12 month of hoping, designing, engineering and testing was over and the dream of title 17 was fulfilled. I can understand one hundred percent that the pressure on all the Porsche fellow workers from Zuffenhausen and their three/six/nine race aces was enormous. Now Hülkenberg, Bernhard, Webber and Co have written history - and fit into the footsteps of the Hans Herrmanns, Richard Attwoods and Jo Sifferts of this motorsport planet. A great achievement !


#570 "Highnoon"


The duel between Porsche and Audi was intense. I am looking forward to the ACO DVD of this years 24 hours race very much - to understand exactly what was right or wrong. Eurosport explained the Audis needed a certain temperature to be as fast as their best lap times have proofed. However - it was one of the most exciting races I have ever whitnessed. In all the classes - not only the LMP1.


The painting shows the leading LMP1 cars of both manufacturers in a dog fight at chicane one on this beast called Hunaudières. Followed by the always competitive Ferrari 458 Italia GTEs - there yellow head lights give the front runners a great aura and mood. Now - 30 days before the Nurburgring WEC 6 hours, the race for the world championship is still on. But the highnoon duel was won by Porsches double victory.


Visit the Gallery ! Besuchen Sie die Galerie !

Visitez la galerie !


Dans le coeur de l´Europe automotive, à Weinheim vous trouvez la galerie "Uli´s Racing Legends", d´une heure de Strasbourg. Sur 100m² vous trouvez les derniers nouveautés. Uli peints toute l´été dans le studio dans la galerie. Visitez nous à Weinheim. Une ville avec le charme de la toscanie de l´Allemagne. Heidelberg, Hockenheim et Stuttgart sont très prêt - combinez votre visite avec le musée Porsche, Mercedes ou Schlumpf. Vous êtes bienvenue! Ouvert toute la semaine - samedi sur demande.


In the heart of the automotive Europe, you find Uli´s "Racing Legends Gallery" at Weinheim. 45 minutes south of Frankfurt airport. On 100 square metres you can discover Uli´s latest art works. Uli paints this summer in his studio in the gallery. Visit us at Weinheim! A town of tuscany charme, near Heidelberg, Hockenheim and Stuttgart. The Porsche and Mercedes Museums at Stuttgart are only one hour away from Weinheim. You are welcome ! Open all week - saturday on request.


Dear friends ! Chers amis ! Liebe Freunde !


Es ist Zeit Danke zu sagen, für den überwältigenden Erfolg in Le Mans 2015.

It is time to say thank you for the overwhelming effort at Le Mans this year.

Merci beaucoup pour votre support pendant cette edition des 24 Heures du Mans !


I look forward to seeing you at the Goodwood Revival in September, or to hear and read from you by e-mail, WhatsAapp or facebook.

Thank you very very much ! Merci mille fois ! Herzlichen Dank!


>> see more pictures


12 Originals sold from Le Mans 24 Hours stand!


Gordon Murray visited my Le Mans stand. He now owns one of my original paintings, displaying one of his greatest car designs - the McLaren F1 GTR, that won Le Mans in 1995. No question - this makes me happy and proud.


Please read more about the original sales at Le Mans:

What a fantastic event. With 314.000 tickets sold to Endurance Racing fans visiting Le Mans 24 Hours, the number of visitors was overwhelming - also at our stand.
Geoff Hermel had already in April reserved the original called "Leaders of the Pack" for his walls . And unbelievably - the Porsche #19 and #17 were the leaders of this years 24 hours race - also in the final lap. Now Geoff owns a piece of history.

Other originals now will all be send out. The G-Drive Ligier original #553 goes to Mexico, the JOTA racing original #554 will be send to Monaco. A Bugatti Type 59 original is sold to Switzerland, the Dempsey Porsche #77 original goes to the Spyder sponsor in the US. The Red Baron original will be send to the UK - signed by all three Porsche drivers including Mark Webber. And also the Ferrari 330 P4, painting #487 is sold to the UK. Collector and friend Michael Weyman calls the ultimate Ferrari painting his own now. The Nissan Nismo LMP1 original will be send to Japan, to a manager of the main sponsor of the team. Finally the Viper legend, the Oreca in the hands of Justin Bell, winner at Le Mans in 1997 (#325) was sold directly from the stand - just like one of the highlights of this year: the High Street Boys, displaying all three Aston Martin V8s in their fantastic liveries. What an overwhelming result for me and my family.


Thank you for all your support and the patience you had with us during these magic days at Le Mans.

Ulis_Racing_Legends_Le Masn 2015  

Congratulation Porsche!


Uli and Team are on their way home. Thank you for the wonderful support and the visit of you all.


Special thanks to Scholli Bernhard, Geoff Hermel, Geoff and Jane, Hervé et Stéphanie, Clement and Pierre.


Save trip home!

Ulis_Racing_Legends_Le Masn 2015  

Le Mans calling!


Let the big times roll! Porsche - Audi - Toyota plus Nissan and Rebellion... great times at the Sarthe ahead. Please find my latest art works, prepared for this editionof the Grand prix d´Endurance attached here.


See you at my stand, in the village central, at Le Mans. We are open from tuesday to sunday, daily from 9 a.m. until late in the evening or night - depending to traffic and weather. You will find all the latest originals displayed!


Safe trip to the Sarthe - or enjoy the race on a big screen at home !

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Four more Le Mans icons:


#564 McLaren F1 GTR, winner Le Mans 1995
#565 Rondeau, winner Le Mans 24 H 1980
#562 Corvette C7R Le Mans 24H 2015
#563 Audi e-Tron Quattro LMP1, 2015

All of these cars have found a place in the heart of the true Le Mans fans. McLarens first Le mans victory 20 years ago was a must to paint - also the perhaps greatest victory of a privateer team ever: the Rondeau. The C7R and the e-Tron Quattro still have to proof their myth - which is already a family tradition for these two race cars.


All originals are on display at Le Mans this wee


#560 "Orchestral Manouvres in the Dark"


I love one place the most at night - the Panorama Grand Stand in Dunlop corner chicane. When the LMP1 monsters brake into the left right flick, their accoustic fountain is already overwhelming. This orchestra of engine sizes and layouts sometimes is a mix of 8 and 10cylinders, diesel and petrol engines of 3,5 and more litre engines. But this orchestra of course knows how to use the light effects too - some Ferraris mix their exhaust flames with brake disc glooming and a few LED lightning strokes to show us the perfect light show. Still not to mention the Corvette engine sound and flames of one meter length - fine tuned by a LMP2 high reving combustion engine leaving the pits with a full throttle attack. Oooooh, you have to see and hear that. Magic ! Did I mention the Porsche GTE sound rumbling into the pits?


#559 "Into the Unknown"


Will Darren Cox and his Nissan Motorsport team rewrite history with their front engined LMP1? Some of us may be reminded to the Panoz challengers in GT1 and LMP1 between 1998 and 2003. A totally different idea of designing the car - this is why the ACO regulations are admirable. Place for new and exotic ideas. Fantastic! The Nissan Nismo LMP 1 was perhaps too many secionds behind the leading teams in LMP1 yet - but considering that it could not race and test at Paul Ricard, Spa and Silverstone this is already an interesting statement. Let´s see what the consumption of tyres and fuel will play into the cards of Darrens team. May be there is a revolutionnary idea to watch? Great times ! Watch it!


#556 "Porsche à Arnage"


This painting is one of Uli´s typical water colour art works. This impression shows the two works Porsche 991 RSRs just cornering the Arnage junction - the slowest point of the track. The heat is on in the painting. Massive sunshine fades the colours of the pine trees and reduces all objects to a high contrast - just like the livery of the Pilet/Bergmeister and team partner RSR.


The original is 50 x 64 cm, and on display at Le Mans this week.


#561 "The Return of the Red Baron"


Timo Bernhard will have the honour to drive one of the coolest race cars of the decade - the Porsche 919 in the ultracool red livery at Le Mans - in memory of #23, Herrmann/Attwoods winning 917 in 1970. Accompanied this June by nobody less than Mark Webber and Brendon Hartley there is only one aim in this colour scheme - the outright victory. Now that Audi gets nearer and nearer to the number of 16 overall wins of Porsche at the Le Mans 24 Hours, it is time to do so. With this colour it will be quite easy for all of us to follow and read the race. Although Nico Hülkenbergs white #19 and Romain Dumas black #18 car will have another view to my words. However - I wish you a glorious race Timo. Bring the Red Baron home for good. We will watch you.


#557 "Jack is back"


It is my honest believe, that Le Mans will only keep its fantastic character, if the mixture between works and privateer teams - and LMP and GTE cars will go on in the future. To see David race against Goliath is a must to me. When the DTM lost its privateer teams - some good 20 years ago - the familiar character got lost to the world of company image. This may be good for automotive companies - but if you ask me - I love the Dr. Ulrichs and the Jack Lecontes in the mix only. Larbre Competitions Corvette C7R is displayed here in my painting. Fortunately back in the GTE AM class - after one year absence in this class - we see Larbres privateer entered Corvette braking into the first chicane of the mythic Hunaudières straight. With "affordable" GTE AM cars, like the Corvette, the mix between hybrid era prototypes and dadies car in the ultra spec racing at the Sarthe, the balance will be kept between unbelievably quick hi-tech monsters - and the silhouette of cars, that we all would like to drive daily. To see both in one race is what we all love I guess. Jacks team car will have mighty opposition again this year with the Aston Martin, Ferrari and Porsche GTE Ams. Another great edition of the Grand Prix d´Endurance ahead for all of us. Long may "David" alias Jack Leconte and team live.


#558 "All night long" Dempsey Proton Racing


The Dempseys Proton Race Team in action at Le Mans. With their latest Porsche 991 RSR Patrick Dempsey and Patrick Long fight for the GTE AM crown again this year at the Sarthe. I personally like the livery of their RSR very much. This is why i have portrayed the car also at night in the Ford chicanes. The background with the base of the big wheel and the dark sky gives the right ambience. The original is available and will be displayed during the race week at Le Mans at my stand in the village central. Reproductions are available too.

Uli´s Racing Legends #553 & #554


#553/#554 "Sam vers Simon" ... The LMP2 is a great success story.


To be able to drive at Le Mans in the great race with a privateer team and have the chance to win the class is nearly every racers dream. In the painting we see the G-Force Ligier JS-P2 in an acceleration fight against the JOTA racing team owner Simon Dolan. The Dunlop corner chicane is shown here, where the cars accelerate flat out for more than a short moment up the last part of the hill, before they fly down to the Esses. A fantastic concert at night for spectators sitting on the Dunlop "Panorama" grand stand. The Judd and Nissan engines of the LMP 2 is a nice instrument in the Le Mans concerto.

The original is painted on two sheets of water colour paper in 50 x 64 cm each. Left is the G-Force Ligier and right the JOTA LMP2 race car. Both will be on display side by side at Le Mans at my stand in the village central. Same place as the last two years, thanks to the ACO.


#552 Audi R18"Home of Quattro"


The 2015 Le Mans 24 Hours race will be one of the toughest and most probably fastest races ever seen at Le Mans. Audi and Porsche are head to head and both unbelievably fast - with a distance advantage to Audi in the last races at Silverstone and Spa. The Audi needs less tyres than the Porsche does over 6 hours. The Porsche is incredibly quick, but the Audi was quicker over 6 hours yet. It will be a tough race though. Not only has Toyota a big chance for the overall title too of course - but also Nissan with its three announced Nismos will be a spectacular outsider - just like the Mazda 787B in 1991?


So will Le Mans still be the Home of Quattro this year? We will have a close eye on it - exhibiting just some 50 meters from the track again this June 2015. What a great challenge - what a great race series. Champagne ACO !


#551 Porsche 919 "Leaders of the Pack "


The LMP1 race this year at Le Mans will be very exciting - after Porsches return to the Sartjhe last year, they will start into this edition of the 24 Hours with three cars. The painting shows the modified Porsche 919 already in one of the sections with the narrow streets used for daily traffic between Mulsanne and Arnage corner.


Two 919s lead the latest Audi e-Tron and the Jota Racing LMP2 while approaching to Indianapolis corner. They are just passing this quite fast and difficult right hand kink before the slow left hander which is Indianapolis corner.


Interesting will be to ask the pilots if they break a bit here already or what their action is to get the car slowed down for the Indianapolis.

Reproductions will be displayed at Le Mans at my stand.


#549 "High Street Boys"


This new painting is already displaying the Aston Martin V8 race cars at Hunaudieres straight, just braking for the second chicane on the N138.

Again Aston Martin comes with five GTE AM and GTE PRO cars to the Sarthe - this year with two very interesting new colour schemes on two of the cars.

The original is for sale, it comes in a size of 50 x 63 cm, (1.890 Euros, framed 70 x 84 cm). 100 signed and limited reproductions are available at my stand at Le Mans directly in the "village central", in the heart of the track during the entire 24 H race week.


I am currently painting for the Le Mans 24 Hours in June this year, but:


Unexpected -- Unerwartet


"Die Natur spielt das Herz-Ass aus. Alles windet sich zur Sonne. Der Wind säuselt leise durch das Schilf. Nur das Propellerklopfen der Libelle erinnert dich daran, dass dies kein Traum ist."
- Uli Ehret -


In the last 3 months, Uli was painting different topics than the expected race and sports cars. An exhibition in his hometown for all the helpers, friends and family who helped him to live from his art work showed 17 completely new paintings. Three brand new topics were displayed: fantasy landscapes, field hockey and portraits. Every coming day, you will see one of these paintings new on the website and the facebook site. Enjoy !


See you at Le Mans as exhibitor in 8 weeks, or at Spa as spectator in 3 weeks!


Hockenheim here we come !


Das Hockenheim Historic Festival mit einem der größten Fahrzeugfelder der letzten Jahre findet am jetzt kommenden Wochenende statt. Und Daniel, Daniel, Vanessa und Uli sind natürlich dabei ! Sie finden die komplette Auswahl aller Bilder im Format 25 x 30 cm vor Ort in Hockenheim auf dem Boxendach. Dazu stellen wir über 200 verschiedene Bilder im Format 40 x 50 cm aus - und zahlreiche Drucke auf Keilrahmen, Karten und Bücher.


Herzlich Willkommen in Hockenheim - wir freuen uns auf Ihren Besuch ! Die Sonne ist für alle drei Tage bereits vor Ort, wir auch - jetzt fehlen nur noch Sie !


#548 Datsun 240Z


The Datsun 240Z, with its distinctive design, was a great looking sports car for reasonable money. It was built from 1969 to 1978. In 1975 it entered at Le Mans in the hands of Hans and Andre Haller (car #72) and F Benoit Maechler (car #73). In its first entry in the 19th East African Safari Rally in 1971, the Datsun 240Z won the overall Victory, Class Victory, Team Victory and the Manufacturers Championship. So the car showed its talent at various events and in different categories.


The original water colour painting is available in a size of 40 x 64 cm.


A limited edition series with only 24 reproductions is available on high quality water colour paper and further 24 prints are available on canvas.


#547 Mercedes SL Pagode


In March 1963 Mercedes presented its new sports car, the Mercedes W113, officially called the 230 SL, later the 250 SL and 280 SL was launched. Compared to the former 190 SL and 300 SL the design got straighter and cleaner. More than 48000 "Pagodes" were built until the end of the production in 1971. With about 110 kW the 230 SL reached a speed of approx. 200 km/h. It consumed about 10 to 11 l achieved with its aerodynamic coefficient of 0.481 with the convertible roof. A beautiful car - and it gets prettier every day.

The original is available. Reproductions are available in all sizes too.

Ulis_Racing_Legends_Reims 2015  

Reims 2015


The race season starts here !


After Sebring and Melbourne have passed the TV screens, the racing season is in full swing. WEC is preparing for Silverstone and Spa already. The DTM promotes its Hockenheim opening race already, and also Uli´s Racing Legends & Co. sharpen the pencils for a great new season. With a meeting at Reims, and its mythic remains of the old race track between Thillois and Gueux, Dorrit and me have filled a gap in the map. With Jane and Geoffs compagnion a wonderful ´relax and prepare´ weekend started in the centre of Reims and ended at the wonderful restaurant at Gueux, the "Restaurant du Circuit". Wherelse can you celebrate a season opener weekend? We can only recommend the place. See some fotos attached here please - and prepare for the new paintings to be released soon here on this website. With the Reims push - the news will be great - hopefully !


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